“Christian Louboutin or Marikina?…Shoes…Shoes…Shoes…”

Apart from diamonds, what else do women covet?

Shoes! Whether she’s from the old rich, or the noveau riche/ the middle class or the low class, even the wa class, pag babae ka, matic na gusto mo ng sapatos.

A Christian Louboutin, an LV, a Charles Jourdan, a Ferragamo & every shoe that carry designers’ labels for the more affluent to a Bass, a Via Venetto down to any brand from Marikina & Liliw or from Baclaran & Divisoria…all these women from all walks of life want a spanking hot pair of shoes.

Sabi nga you’ll know the kind of woman one is by the shoes she wears & methinks the project ” Air Binay ” with tagline “shoe with a heart” panders to this notion…

Seems too early for campaign purposes, the mid election being in the next 16 months pa. But it does smell so, doesn’t it?

Even if the project is aimed towrds the young Makatizens, I still cannot call it wagi, winner or panalo. Why?

Progressive as it is, there are still a lot of women (& even men) who are unemployed or underemployed. If one’s vision is for a true progressive city/municipality wouldn’t it be more prudent to address this first before handing out supplies including a pair of shoes that screams “election PR?”


When one hears Makati, what comes to mind are: the posh villages, the highrise buildings, the malls, the glitzy restos & bars…the good life. But the richie-richie is only a small percentage of the population. There are still a lot of Makati residents who belong to the lower class whose concerns include food on the table, education for the children, healthcare for the entire family. Ang sapatos sa tulad nila ay mistulang isang luho na lang na hindi naman uunahin pa kesa sa pagkain.

I see the intention of this Abby project; winning over the young Makatizens whose parents comprise a big sector of voters. But one has to sit & think (if I were one of the beneficiaries of AirBinay)- is my vote worth only a pair of shoes and the trinkets that came along with it?

If we would just open our eyes to all that is happening around us, the sad glaring reality is that we are in this mire because of the choices we made insofar as government officials we put into office are concerned.

Time to be wiser if we want a better city/municipality, a better nation..Time for us to be more discerning of what these campaign strategies truly are.

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